Oceans in the News

Assignment for all Students, Including Honors

Part 1: Find an Article about the Ocean

When entering information in the Wiki, follow the formatting example, with lines and headers. You may enter your article anywhere in the Wiki; please try to enter it near related articles if possible. Create a link to the original article, if possible.

Part 2: Relate the Articles

Before Class In Class Examples: Tree Diagram and Concept Map

Example Tree Diagram
Undergraduate Experience
Example Concept Map
Oceans and Humans

Honors Project: Oceans in the News Presentation

Assignment: You will make an oral presentation about some way that humans affect the ocean (such as pollution, development, destruction of marine life and legislation) or the ocean affects people (such as disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis or new discoveries that help people). Find two related articles, both published within the past six months. For this assignment, use articles from sources such as National Geographic and other reliable media outlets. Prepare a 5-10 minute powerpoint presentation for the class. At the end of your presentation, you should ask 2-3 scientific questions about the topic - these will form the basis of your second honors project.

Outcome: Students will make an informed judgement about a course-relevant issue.

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