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Methods in my own Research

Preliminary validation of the survey instrument, data collection, data analysis and further validation of the instrument progress in a cyclic fashion. Student responses to open ended questions are used both as qualitative data in their own right, and to refine the questions for future use. See also my website on conducting rigorous educational research.

Ocean Literacy Data Collection

We collected quite a bit of data:
  1. Fall, 2005, 10 honors students completed and commented upon two preliminary surveys
  2. Janary, 2006, my 120 students completed open format survey pre-test in class
  3. January, 2006, 20 students in E. Knowles distance-learning class completed pre-test online
  4. February, 2006, 20 high school students competing in North Carolina Ocean Sciences Bowl completed post-test
  5. April, 2006, My 120 students completed several surveys
  6. April, 2006, E. Knowles' 20 students completed open format survey as post-test
  7. August, 2006, 12 honors students completed 3 surveys
  8. December, 2006, 12 honors students completed revised survey
  9. January, 2007, 16 students in my First Year Inquiry Course pre-test
  10. January, 2007, 13 students in Ernie's course, pre-test
  11. April, 2007 post tests, my course
  12. April, 2007, post tests, Ernie's course
  13. May, 2007, 250 post tests, T. Garrison
  14. Fall, 2007, lotsa stuff

Data Analysis

Qualitative Data

Validation and Reliability

Validation and Reliability

Content Validation: Work with Experts

Construct Validation: Work with Students

Criterion Related Validation