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Teaching Introductory Oceanography

I teach both an honors section and a large lecture of introductory oceanography. Fundamental teaching principles include frequent and varied assignments and a focus on regional issues. The link to this semester's course is on my home page.

Resources for Other Oceanography Instructors

The educational literature is full of data and statistics on good learning experiences, and a traditional lecture just doesn't cut it. So here you are, required to teach a large lecture when you might rather be working on your own research. You don't get much career credit for it, but if you're reading this web page, you want to provide the best learning experience possible. You may already have some powerpoint lectures assembled.

Ways to Improve Large Lectures

Hands-On Homeworks

My Statement of Teaching Interests

Student Comments

I feel this class has opened my eyes as an environmentalist to protect and make informed decisions on what tax money is spent where and how tourism positively affects the economy and sometimes negatively affects the sea creatures.

Pretending we are scientists trying to figure out ... the source of beach contamination, now that is cool. And I actually learned it, not so much memorized it. I think learning something is definitely easier when it hits closer to home

It seems like now anytime I hear someone ... speak about the ocean, I just want to jump in and explain everything I know.

I understand the ocean a little better now. It's a pretty much undiscovered part of the world, and hopefully one day I can contribute to discovering something new.

People need to care more about the environment, not just what we have right now, but what our children will have for the future, and their children as well. Beaches are places where everybody can go to relax; the sound of the waves, smell of salt, and beach life are things that make the beach so soothing. We need to protect these and keep them for future generations.